By using our powder refills, you not only reduce your consumption of single-use plastic, you also decrease carbon emissions during transport.

We have collaborated with the Technological Institute in Denmark, who have conducted an accurate calculation of carbon emissions during the transport of our powder refills compared to traditional liquid hand soap, which contains up to 90% water.

The result is impressive: A 92% reduction in carbon emissions is achieved solely during transport of our powder refills.

This is an important step towards making personal care and care for nature go hand in hand.


Although we use a very small amount of natural essential oils in our scented products, we understand that some individuals wish to avoid the risk of allergy. That's why we've developed a Fragrance Free/Sensitive option which proudly holds the AllergyCertified label.

Created in Denmark, AllergyCertified is an internationally recognized allergy label. All products bearing the AllergyCertified label undergo a thorough review process to ensure that they are free from any allergenic substances and do not contain perfume.


We are committed to using only FSC-certified packaging, cardboard and paper.

The FSC certification guarantees that the amount of trees harvested does not exceed the forest's capacity for regeneration. By following this standard, we actively support the principles of sustainable forestry, which prioritize environmental, social, and economic responsibility.


We follow the advice and recommendations established by "Environmentally Friendly Packaging".

"Environmentally Friendly Packaging" is an association of companies that all share a commitment to protecting the environment and minimizing the amount of packaging used.

You can learn more about "Environmentally Friendly Packaging" and their work here.