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Perhaps you are in need of an additional glass bottle for your household, one that comes without any markings or inscriptions?

We also offer a version of our unique 340ml smoke grey glass bottle dispenser without print, crafted from sturdy and long-lasting glass featuring a simple, minimalistic Nordic design that seamlessly integrates into any bathroom or kitchen decor.

Designed for multiple uses, our durable glass bottle dispenser can be reused again and again and again.

  • low emission
  • natural
  • less plastic
  • saves space
  • vegan

1 x 340ml Everlasting 'Naked' glass bottle dispenser

Traditional hand soap typically consists of up to 90% water significantly increasing weight and volume and consequently, the carbon emissions during transport.

So why not simply add water at home?

With only the finest handpicked ingredients we have formulated a powder that, when mixed with water, transforms into a luxurious, nourishing vegan hand soap of 98% natural origin.

This simple change will:

  • Lower transport emissions by 92% (documented by Teknologisk Institut, Denmark)
  • Reduce the consumption of single-use plastic by reusing our everlasting glass bottle dispenser again and again
  • Save you valuable space in your home and allow you to always have a suitable supply of your favorite hand soap available

[RE·ESSENCE]™ represents only the essence of what you need.

  1. WATER – Fill your everlasting bottle with 310ml lukewarm tap water. There is a line mark on the back side of the [RE·ESSENCE]™ bottle.
  2. ESSENCE – Add powder, insert pump and turn bottle gently back and forth for 30 sec. Lumps may occur, however the powder will dissolve completely. Use the funnel included in our starter sets to avoid spilling of powder. 
  3. MIX – Leave overnight for your nourishing hand soap to fully develop. Give it another turn in the morning. 

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